Back to school – A motivational investment that cannot be afford to be ignored

School days are back! Children are getting prepared to go to school after their summer vacation. There’s lots of offer on school bags, notebooks and other stationery items. Tips are being offered on managing kids in the net and in newsletters. ‘Back to school’ pangs are here everywhere among all the stakeholders involved in child’s education. No doubt, that it is a hard pressing current problem in the field of education that itself is repetitive in nature.

To be honest, I am neither a great educationist nor highly experienced researcher in the field of education. But, I am a person who is interested in such things and try my bit to address such concerns. It all depends on how we view the entire thing as such. To me ‘Back to School’ appears as motivational investment that could take the teaching-learning process a long way. From such perspective, I have shared my thoughts below.

I am sure that the teachers, parents and above all the children will have a challenging time in the beginning. Children will be back to school after spending time with their grandparents/sight -seeing trip/summer camps/time well spent with their family members and so on.  Suddenly they are about to embark back the journey of schooling and hence would face certain discomforts like getting back to routine, waking early in the morning,  more study hours,  examinations, report cards and so on.

This is where we as teachers and parents could help the child and also in turn ourselves.

Here are some tips for teachers

·         Accept that the child needs time to get back to the routine

·         Make week -1 of their school more joyous by conducting structured activities.

·         Provide opportunities for children to make greetings cards wishing each other a great schooling year ahead

·         Tell story tales related to New Year beginning at school

·         Introduce yourselves and share your likes, dislikes and hobbies

·         Provide opportunities for students to share their likes, dislikes and hobbies

·         Organize kinesthetic activities for students

·         Take students on a school walk and orient/re-orient them on various things to be followed across various school zones Ex: Toilets, assembly, activity room etc.,

·         Give activities for students to decorate their classes with pictures of their work, the places they had visited during vacation time, their favorites etc.,

·         Posters with their palm prints together to give a feeling of togetherness

·         Share your first day of school experiences with your children

Here are some tips for Parents

·         Believe that the child is experiencing difficulty in experiencing the sudden change in their routine and does not want to be out of school.

·         Talk to them about the things they like in their school

·         Talk to them about the friends they had met

·         Wake up while you wake them in the morning and be with them

·         Ask them to make a poster of their day –I in school and paste it in their reading room

·         Give them some empty stickers and ask them to write the various emotions they face during their schooling and stick it around the poster

I am sure by now you would have started getting more fantastic and wonderful ideas to make every child’s first day experience beautiful J and make it a motivational investment for their further learning.

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